Focus – Lives to eat

(My native speach is Dutch. So it is likely that I’ve made some linguistic errors.)

New Focus: Lives to eat

For most people in the Ninth World, food is just food. Outside the cities, farmers and hunters try to survive in a dangerous world, growing and gathering food. Inside the cities, beggars and the poor go to bed with an empty stomach, just eating anything they can lay their hand on.

But there are the nobles and the wealthy who can afford eating the best meals. They have kitchens filled with slaves to prepare their meals, and they employ great master chefs to envy their neighbours.

You are a connoisseur, an expert when it comes to food. Maybe you’re a chef, maybe you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but one thing is for sure: you consider yourself an authority on every aspect of banquets. You don’t become an expert without a lot of practise. Preparing and tasting lots of food gave you a real tummy, and you’re not in a very good physical shape. But who needs a work-out if you can enjoy a feast?

Connections: Choose one of the following.

  1. Pick one other PC. This character is allergic to one of the ingredients you frequently use, but until now you don’t know what ingredient. Roll a D6 every time this character eats something you have prepared. If you roll a 6, the character will get an allergic reaction.
  2. Pick one other PC. This character thrives so much on your meals, that she gets +1 on her next recovery roll after enjoying a sumptuous meal you’ve prepared.
  3. Pick one other PC. This character is attracted to live an acetic life, and she despises your abundant lifestyle. All conversations in which you try to convince or persuade this character are hindered.
  4. Pick one other PC. This character also loves to eat and has (some) experience in cooking. Help from this character is an asset to cooking tasks.

Additional equipment: You have a set of high quality kitchen knives (no chef would ever think about using these knives as a weapon, except as a last resort), several canisters with spices, some small kitchen utensils (like a rolling pin, a garlic press, a chopping board), a cooking pot and a notebook filled with your favourite recipes.

Minor effect suggestions: The meal you’ve prepared adds +1 to the next recovery roll for all characters who eat the meal.

Major effect suggestions: The meal you’ve prepared restores 2 points to the Might Pool for all characters who eat the meal.

Living at the table:  Living a life dedicated to food has given you a number of advantages and disadvantages. On the bright side, learning many recipes, practising table manners and concentrating on recognising and judging food has sharpened your mind. Add +1 to your Intellect pool. You have an asset on Intellect Defence Rolls.

On the other hand, you have gained a significant belly. All Speed Defence Tasks and all actions to disguise yourself are hindered.

Inability: You aren’t used to fasting. After missing two meals, you’ll lose 1 point from your Speed Pool and 1 point from your Might Pool. Every next meal you miss will cost you 1 point from your Might Pool of Speed Pool (your choice).

Tier 1: Experienced cook. You are trained in all activities related to purchasing, preparing and serving food. Enabler.

 Enhanced senses. You are trained in recognising flavours and scents. This is an asset in detecting rotten food and poisons that have to be inhaled or swallowed. Enabler.

Natural Armor. Your stature gives you +1 Armor against blunt weapons (like a baton, fist or punch bracket). Enabler.

Tier 2: Food builds the body (2+ Intellect points).  If you’re able to prepare a four-person meal without significant distraction (like an ambush, a fight or a love declaration), the quality of your food enhances the body. Everyone who’ll eat the meal gets +1 on the next two Recovery Rolls. For every Intellect point you add, two more people can take the benefit of this meal. The meal must be consumed within 12 hours after preparation. Action.

Never seen drunk. You are trained in drinking alcohol without getting drunk. Enabler.

Specialised chef Choose one of the following areas of knowledge. You are skilled in this area.  Enabler.

  • Entremetier (knowledge of preparing vegetables, soups, starches, and eggs)
  • Pâtissier (knowledge of making pastry and sweet deserts)
  • Poissonier (knowledge of preparing fish and shellfish)
  • Rôtisseur (knowledge of preparing meat and poultry)
  • Sommelier (knowledge of choosing, testing and drinking wine)

Tier 3: Ability Choice.  Choose either Well-known Chef or Sous-Chefs as your tier 3 ability. (Whichever one you choose, you also gain Standing firm).

Well-known Chef. You are well-known amongst the chefs and nobles in the Ninth World. In larger cities and in the castles and mansions of the nobles, you’ll always find someone (a cook, someone in love with you, …) who admires you and wants to do you a favour. You and the GM should discuss the details. Enabler.

Sous-Chef. You a trained in keeping you mind straight and being a leader in a confusing and stressful environment, whether it be an overcrowded  kitchen or a battlefield. Enabler.

Standing firm (3 Might Points).  Living an adventurous live has hardened your muscles. If someone or something tries to push you, you use your body mass and strength to stay where you are. Pushing you in a direction you don’t want to go is hindered by 2 steps. Action.

Tier 4: Addictive food (6 Intellect Points). If you’re able to cook for one hour without significant distraction, you make a snack so delicious that someone who tastes a bite will do ‘anything’ (for example: give you shins, provide useful information, grant you access) to get more of it. There is one exception: she won’t put herself or a loved one in danger. The dish can be kept fresh for 2 days after preparing. You are immune to the addictive effect. Action.

Tier 5: Everyone talks about food. You are trained in all pleasant conversations. If you are already trained, you’ll become skilled. Enabler.

Money tree.  Your fame pays off. Selling your products or getting paid for your services will give you a benefit of 150% of the standard prices. You also get a discount of 33% on all your food related purchases. Enabler.

Knowing all recipes.  Add 1 point to your Intellect Edge and 1 point to your Intellect Pool. Enabler.

Tier 6: Ability Choice.  Choose either Masterchef or Best meal ever as your tier 6 ability.

Masterchef. You are skilled in keeping you mind straight and being a leader in a confusing and stressful environment. Because of your great reputation, you are welcomed as a honoured guest in every noble (or want-to-be noble) household.  Enabler.

Best meal ever (8+ Intellect Points). If you’re able to cook for one hour without significant distraction, you make a 4 person meal that gives a free instant Recovery Roll and adds +2 to the next 3 Recovery Rolls. For every 3 Intellect Point you add, two more people can enjoy the benefits of this meal. It must be consumed within 18 hours after preparation. Action.